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Revolutionizing Business Transaction

BOM is a groundbreaking token system developed to completely enhance the way companies transact with clients


To demonstrate the principles of the ecosystem, we’ve created an analogy that highlights the elements of BOM’s mechanism: we provide the rails for the roller coaster (blockchain technology), which synergizes with companies’ already existing power sources, represented by the plane, and tank. The more powerful a company that partners with BOM is, the more profits it will get from the overall transaction revenue, because it can tow more users on the rails, resulting in increased profits.

20,000+ Unique NFTs

Our Non-Fungible Tokens will function as the licenses to use BOM. Each company who intends to participate will have to acquire their own NFT.

Why choose BOM?

The question might arise: why BOM? The answer is simple: this project, thanks to its brilliantly innovative design and concept, can offer astronomical potential returns not only for early investors, but for participants, too.

Incredible speed, Reasonable fees

BOM’s state-of-the-art transaction engine is blazingly fast. Thanks to its carefully designed protocol, it processes requests at a speed matched by only the biggest players of the industry, with more reasonable and flexible fees.

Become an Early Investor

If you’d like to become part of BOM’s success story, it’s your time to act: participate in our BOM pre-sale, and secure your share from the transaction token of the future. As mentioned before, this pre-sale is investors’ best chance of taking....

Features of BOM

The real beauty of BOM’s architecture is that while it’s complex enough to handle any type of transaction at a global scale, the core mechanism can be summarized with the system’s simple, yet powerful features.

BUY BOM Token & 20,000+ Unique NFTs

Our Non-Fungible Tokens will function as the licenses to use BOM. Each company who intends to participate will have to acquire their own NFT.


1 BOM Token equals:



  • Total Supply:

    100,000,000 BOM

  • Market Cap:


  • Volume (24h):


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1 BOM NFT equals:


  • Total Supply:

    20,000 BOM NFT

  • Market Cap:


  • Volume (24h):


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Private Sales

Companies and Individuals can buy BOM tokens and NFTs at discounted price before the coin goes public.

NFT Sale

With cryptocurrencies becoming more acceptable, BOM NFTs are the next big evolution in the digital space. With our NFTs, businesses can purchase BOM licenses and reserve the rights to sell to others for profit.

Token Sale

BOM tokens are based on the ERC20 standard which allows exchanges with other digital assets. Users can buy and sell these tokens even as the value is expected to rise steadily.

Token Sale Starts In

0 4M
Token Hardcap
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Secure, blockchain-based ecosystem

Built on one of the world’s most robust blockchains, Polygon Smart Chain (MATIC), BOM is secured by the safety measures trusted by millions globally. This system provides trusted, bulletproof security to every BOM participant.

Scalable Solutions

The need for blockchain-based transactions is growing at an unmatched pace. Thus, BOM created all its frameworks, features, reasonable transaction fees, and concepts with worldwide adoption in mind, making the ecosystem one of the most scalable projects in the crypto sphere, capable of supporting tens of thousands of businesses with its licenses.

Profitability for users

Needless to say, while usability and utility are two incredibly important factors, BOM never lost sight of the profitability of those who participate in the project. For that reason, our team of experts envisioned a universe where profits are shared among those who make them happen: the users. With BOM, any kind of online company has the opportunity to benefit from blockchain technology without creating its own token. The best part? Introduce our system, and get a stake in the project!

High yield for investors

The most influential aspect was left to the last point: BOM values its investors above all, since they are the ones voting confidence in the initiative. The reward framework and investors’ lifetime value proposition are both conceptualized in a way that potential profits could reach multiple times the initial net investments.

20,000+ Unique NFTs


White Paper release and Seed investing

Q4 2021

With our founding documents in place, Seed investors will have the chance to fully grasp the concept of BOM, thus educated investment decisions can be made.


Initial development

Q1 2022

After the first phase, our world-class team will commence the development of BOM’s website, Application, and Plugins, which companies can utilize to directly integrate BOM into their online platforms (compatible with most types of sites).


Strategic launch

Q2 2022

This step will be a major milestone, as we will not only extend our professional team, but also initiate BOM’s first global marketing campaign (share-to-earn for users) that is already connected with countless businesses. Meanwhile, expanding our strategic partners, and launching the token on PancakeSwap will also be among priorities.


Community building

Q3 2022

To get the attention and vital support of early adopters, the very first BOM Airdrops will take place, seasoned with engaging contests and giveaways to establish a rock-solid follower base.


ICO & Public Token Sale

Q4 2022

Right before the grand launch, we will hold our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as well as the first publicly available pre-sales. This will be a great time for our initial investors to partially cash in on their early positions.


Full-blown launch

Q4 2022

Finally, after years of careful planning and design, BOM’s platforms will become reality and launch with all their revolutionary capabilities fully functioning.

Our Team

The BOM team is a group of visionary experts who brings their experience into play for the advancement and success of the BOM project.



Founder, CEO & CTO in several start ups, Troica is the brain behind BOM and has helped several businesses stand up strongly in a short period.


Smart Contract Developer

Vladyslav Mykhalchuk is a seasoned Blockchain Developer who has handled multiple projects for Fintech and other industries that need the power of decentralization, tokenization, and smart contracts.


Graphic Designer

As a Creative Graphic Designer & a Video Editor with 3+ years of experience, Bishal gives life to the visuals of the BOM project.


Marketing Manager

Having worked on several outstanding projects such as Web content development, Gaming Reviews, Video Scripts, Aniefiok is one of the best copywriting experts today.


What is BOM Token?

BOM is the revolutionary transaction token of the ecosystem that aims to completely transform the way the world thinks about online business.

How to buy Bom token?

Anyone can buy BOM during our token seed investment round. It is anticipated that early investors will reap the benefits of their positions in a year’s time at the latest.